So Cal Token / SCT

Harnessing the allure and attraction of the exciting Southern CA coastal lifestyle. SO CAL Token ($SCT) serves as a utility token for SCT SURF; a 90’s retro (16 BIT) P2E surfing game Developed on the Binance Smart Chain. Utilizing the Unity Gaming Engine, SCT SURF will offer a unique and nostalgic P2E gaming experience to be played seamlessly on PC, Android or IOS devices. Users will be able to earn $SCT tokens while navigating through various wave breaks, characters and game modes.

$SCT’s eye popping custom pre-minted NFT collections, only available on the SCT proprietary DAPP/ Marketplace, offers holders exclusive utility enabling access to special surfboards, skins and endless competitions. $SCT offers 5% rewards in USDT for all holders and dual rewards for those participating in $SCT’s innovative staking program. In addition, the SO CAL Token ecosystem provides weekly Yoga, Sound bath and Crypto education classes taught by licensed professionals. $SCT will also dedicate a 1% sell tax to rejuvenate our coastlines and marine life both locally and abroad.

The pinnacle of $SCT will be the Cali-verse; a fully functional world with infinite possibilities that will act as the extreme sports entertainment hub for the Meta-verse. Whether you’re at the Skatepark, ride the coastal waves, snowboarding mountain, or BMX track the Cali-verse will offer fun and invigorating P2E portals into these experiences. The Cali-verse will also afford holders the opportunity to own real estate and operate their prospective businesses in an entertaining communal atmosphere everyone can enjoy. SO CAL TOKEN ($SCT) HIGHLIGHTS