Welcome Future Partner!

In our short presentation we show you who we are, what we do and what we offer for you, as well what are the benefits you can have partnering with us.

Who we are?

Check our introduction clip and in-depth tour video to know more!

What we offer for your project?

Our offer contains 6 steps.
1. Listing your token with your own token logo on skeleton Wallet.
2. Adding a banner on Coinskeleton crypto indexing platform for your project.
3. Open a staking pool on our staking platform where you can add liquditiy.
4. Adding your logo on skeleton-dex if you are adding liqudity for trading.
5. News sharing about your project on our social media surfaces.
6. Discounted or even free marketing services like trending spot on crypto.com or poocoion, coingecko.

What can a partner do for us?

1. Social media shoutouts, partnership announcement
2. Staking pool (if the project have)
3. Listing on swap/wallet (if the project have)